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Jon Mufson

jon_mufsonYears after graduating from Boston University in 1983 with a degree in communications, Jon always wondered what it would have been like if he pursued a film career with the same vim and vigor he pursues a candidate for a search. What was one industry’s loss is another industry’s gain. Jon Mufson has excelled in executive search for the pharmaceutical industry since 1986. Since opening Mufson Associates in 1996, Jon has taken on the role of Producer, hiring his cast of star consultants and promising starlet recruiters. His ability to attract top clients in the pharmaceutical industry has contributed the setting for his firm to do great work. His motivation to succeed comes from early challenges: being a single parent of two children, opening up his own firm, remarrying and starting fatherhood all over again. This could be a great script for a movie…and they say you don’t learn anything in college.

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Andrea Sobo

andreaWhen Andrea isn’t competing in triathlons, hiking, beaching, or being a “superfan” to her two star athlete sons, you will most likely find Andrea working marathon hours in the office. Having 13 years of recruiting experience prior to joining Mufson Associates in 2001, Andrea is leading the field in searching out the stars in the pharmaceutical industry. Whether its healthcare advertising, medical education, digital communications or pharmaceutical marketing, Andrea has shown an industry IQ and agility to move in and out of different market segments.

If you haven’t heard from Andrea yet, you will… there are just so many hours in a day.

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