Sr A/Es and Account Supervisors

December 14th, 2015 Jon Mufson Posted in Account Management, Direct Hire Positions, Jobs, Pharmaceutical Industry Insights, Pharmaceutical Marketing Comments Off on Sr A/Es and Account Supervisors

Mufson Associates specialize in executive search in the pharmaceutical industry. We are currently working with several healthcare ad agencies, medical communications firms and digital ad agencies that are hiring due to growth. We have clients in both NYC and NJ that are seeking A/S level candidates. Our clients are expanding their teams and looking for highly motivated and experienced agency account managers. Product knowledge in any particular area is not mandatory. It would be helpful if you have been exposed to digital marketing.

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Healthcare Communications Industry:State of the Union

April 16th, 2010 Jon Mufson Posted in Pharmaceutical Industry Insights Comments Off on Healthcare Communications Industry:State of the Union

As part of the ecosystem of the pharmaceutical industry, I have witnessed over the past 24 years a paradox in how the pharmaceutical service side has progressed since I began as a recruiter. Whether it is healthcare advertising, medical educations, DTC marketing, PR, or Digital communications, the industry has done a credible job in weathering various storms over the years. The industry waited out “Hillary Care”, Firewalls on CME/Promotional, DTC regulations, the recent recession and the will adapt to the new Healthcare reform conditions. Some companies have fared better than others, but for the most part the service side have continued to sustain and new organizations have started up. The Pharmaceutical/Life Science companies need to outsource more now than ever as they continually restructure, merge and consolidate.

With that said the service side firms have not evolved to the same level it has with redefining its business models when it comes to fostering an environment that its employees feel satisfied in its respective employment. I speak to countless number of account managers, creative, and medical professionals weekly, and a large percentage of these professionals (regardless of level) have  low satisfaction regarding the companies they work for and the industry in general. There is also a darker perception from corporate marketers that the service side is not the kindest place to work.

Perception is important, as advertising agencies know way to well. As a recruiter, I try to brand our clients successes, personnel, and client roster. I constantly have to overcome objections of what the perspective candidate’s perception is regarding the company I am selling or the industry in general.

We as an industry need to refocus on our insides, focus on better mentoring programs, retention strategies. fostering fun and progressive cultures. There are still way to many firms that still don’t allow telecommuting at any level. Keeping good talent in this industry is a must. Even in this recession torn time, many service side companies are still confounded by the lack of talent available. There is an inordinate amount of time strategizing on how to effect our client’s brand or corporate positioning, compared to rejuvenating your own company’s culture and industry and strategies on how to attract talent. Its not too late but we need to reverse the poor perception of a good majority of the players in this pharmaceutical industry ecosystem.

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