Mufson Associates’ specialty is consulting and recruiting for pharmaceutical , medical communications and management consulting industries. We understand the strategies to attract talent in industries that are more competitive than ever. We consult on human resource issues and find clients the human capital to fulfill their staffing needs.

Food for thought when working with recruiters:
Strategize with the recruiter-Don’t hand out job specs
Put as much strategy into hiring your talent as you do into marketing your product, pitching new business or growing your firm. The talent you recruit will help you achieve those goals. A good recruiter will guide you through the rigors of a search…but job specs alone won’t entice candidates in this market of competitive warfare. Spend time with the recruiter and reveal the story behind the need. Clarify the big picture of what career benefits this position could bring to a new employee.
Prepare your interview team ahead
This is a continuation of the strategy in combating the competition and ensuring closure of good candidates. A well-prepared interview team can cover different areas of screening the candidate’s skill sets and aptitude for the job. More importantly, the interview team can work in unison to sell the company to the candidate. A candidate is looking for consistency among team members and especially for a contagious enthusiasm. Choose your interview team wisely. One bad seed can scare away your next potential star.
Timing is everything
He who hesitates loses out. Make sure the recruiter is given immediate feedback on how the candidate performed on the interview. If the candidate is highly desirable, the recruiter becomes the catalyst in keeping the candidate hot for the job, especially with heavy competition lurking about. Don’t let time lag between first and second interviews. If you want to hire the candidate, hire the candidate.
Tag teams work best when an offer is made
Consult with the recruiter prior to making an offer. Don’t be a maverick hiring manager or human resource manager by offering a job to a candidate without the insight of the recruiter. The recruiter knows the total compensation that is going to close the deal but more importantly he or she can help prevent counteroffers and out-maneuver the competition. Sometimes an offer may not be the most competitive, but a good recruiter can highlight the other qualities of the position. A good recruiter knows the candidate’s true needs beyond compensation issues. Teamwork between employer and recruiter is the formula for growing a successful staff.